A Small Town Postmaster audio short story


Again, a tale spoken, this time before the fireplace as Winter sets in...  by Jess Thornton, and from Mailman Tales.


A Barbarian In Chicago Final Chapters Part 6 audio book reading


This is the final installment of A Barbarian in Chicago by Simon Stanton, read here around the paleo campfire.  For as we all know, heroic tales are paleo indeed, and nourish our minds and souls as they did in ages past, when heroic tales like The Odyssey, Beowulf, and The Tales of King Arthur inspired us all.


A Barbarian in Chicago Part 5


Once more, we gather about the paleo campfire for an audio reading of Simon Stanton's new book- A Barbarian in Chicago!  Remember- heroic tales are paleo too!


A Barbarian in Chicago part 4


A continuation of "A Barbarian in Chicago" , this time part 4, of heroic tales about a Paleo campfire.  Actually, a long audio recording that is two podcasts in one!  By Simon Stanton, who has graciously allowed us to reread his barbaric tale of modern decadence and heroic defiance.  

I hope you enjoy it, and identify with its commentary upon current events!


A Barbarian in Chicago Part 3 audiobook



Audio book by Simon Stanton from A Barbarian in Chicago  


Perfectly Paleo Exercise Workout Music!


A musical soundtrack for your next workout, courtesy of your own PaleoJay!  This should invest your next workout with a little entertainment.  I hope you have as much fun listening as I did playing and singing.



A Barbarian in Chicago Part 2 audio- Heroic Tale by Simon Stanton


Once again, we return to heroic tales, which as everyone knows are very paleo indeed!  Today we resume with the adventures of the youth Wulf Gott, the young barbarian from the north, who was forced to transplant himself to Chicago, in Hyde Park to be exact, until he was forced to leave by the corrupt government and civilization into which he had been transplanted.  So let us resume, shall we, with Part 2 of A Barbarian in Chicago by Simon Stanton!


PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe- A Barbarian in Chicago Part 1 audiobook


A Barbarian in Chicago by Simon Stanton is being read as our Paleo campfire tale today.  This is the first installment of this novella, in audio format.  The print version is readily available.


Paleo Campfire Stories in Memorium of Jerilyn Dinsmoor, Friend and Neighbor- Milky and Soupy Part 3


This episode is dedicated to our friend and neighbor Jerilyn Dinsmoor, who passes away all to soon at the age of 56.  I dedicate the gospel tune at the start and finish to her, since she has indeed crossed that final river and mountain.  All of us will miss her, since she was part of our neighborhood "tribe", and actually one of our leaders!  You were an inspiration, Jerilyn, and we wish all of the best for your bereaved husband Brad, and sons Derek and Trevor.  Hold tight to that "nail scarred hand!"


Paleo Tales Around a Campfire- Milky and Soupy audiobook part 2


Part 2 of the novel "Milky and Soupy" audiobook- enjoy your time about the campfire!

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