Your HOME should be your VACATION


“A Man’s home is his castle”!  This is what it should be: in the views of our Founding Fathers, we should all be small landholders, with a few acres of land that we farm and husband, along with a home we also care for.  Kind of like in Little House on the Prairie!  This is really the American idyll.


Things sure do get changed over time, unfortunately.  For their own political gain, the Democratic party, which has become a totally Liberal, Progressive, socialist/Marxist shill party- has decided that we should all aspire to be ‘world citizens’… Meaning, that we should not spend our time at HOME, taking care of things and making our properties prosperous little hubs of Americana ideals- NO!


We should listen to commercials, and let them decide that we should aspire to cruises, and other destinations that are urban, or tropical, or- who knows what is “correct” at the moment!  God Forbid that we just take time to stay at home, cultivate our land and gardens, spend time with our children and grandchildren, as did countless generations before us!!


Your HOMESPACE should be your vacation, and the center of your life!  ALL of us innately know this: we know that where we live, the land and house we live in, are utterly crucial to not only our identity and well-being, but also our ethnic identity.   We all tend to cluster together with those of a like heritage, and we prosper by doing so, by developing a rich, NON- diverse culture that reflects our own values. 


If you go through life unhappily, eagerly anticipating your next cruise, or far away vacation spot, where you can do nothing at all and be waited on hand and foot- well, you have missed out on the true point of life.  You should be living somewhere that you really enjoy, a place that fits you.   Just as in our diet, which we have discovered needs to be adjusted to our evolutionary heritage, so too does where we live have to do with out evolution as well! 


For instance, we have determined that modern grains are antithetical to our health, as are GMO’s, endless sugar, and loads of carbs.  Nutrient dense foods, such as a Paleo smoothie made in your Vitamix, organ meats and wild caught seafood are what make us thrive!  So too does our home place, that place where we spend the majority of our lives, need to be an environment that suits us evolutionarily. 


For instance, I am descended from northern European stock.  I am not evolved to live in a tropical climate; with my pale skin, eyes, and hair I am meant to live in a more northern latitude.  Snow and ice are as much a part of my natural terrain as are ample water, forests, and all four seasons.  Wisconsin is perfect for me!


When I have to leave, to travel for business, family, or pleasure, I am always incredibly relieved and grateful when I am headed home.  I think this is the true test of whether or not you are living in the right place.  If you are returning home and are sad about it, and wish you could stay away on vacation forever- well, you are living in the wrong place, a spot that doesn’t suit you. 


I believe that all of us are quite unsuited to living in modern, large cities!  The water is bad, the air is bad, and the stress and crime are intolerable.  If you are otherwise an ancestral person, a paleo diet and lifestyler, I urge you to leave the cities and suburbs behind, just as you have hopefully left aside the bad processed fake foods of this current era.  Find a place on the outskirts of a smaller town or city, and learn to enjoy the natural peace and the grounded life of living close to the land. 


Have a garden, grow a small forest if you have enough room.  Spend time in your yard, or on your porch or deck, rather than going out to nightclubs or whatever is supposed to be ‘cultured’ at the moment in urban circles.  Get to know your neighbors- have campfires, and paleo-types of cookouts.  Instead of aspiring for the latest luxury sports car, just get a usable used car or pickup (I love my 2000 Buick Le Sabre!), and invest the rest in a quality tractor and implements!  Trust me, caring for your own land is more rewarding than any luxury vacation or outing you could ever have, and builds your character as much as exercise and real food builds your body into a picture of health.


We are actually a living part of our environment!  And so, it behooves us to carefully choose where we and our family are to live.  This decision is more important by far, long term, than your choice of a job- so choose well.  Pick a place that your great grandparents would have chosen.  Your health, well-being, and happiness all depend on it!











Your Paleo Life is a Three Point Hitch


I have become a devotee of the tractor.  I have a compact version of that machine, a 33 horsepower machine that has changed my rural life from one of endless, backbreaking labor, into one of rare efficiency and productiveness!  A tractor with a diesel engine can accomplish many tasks, not only with the loader on the front that can lift huge loads of rock, soil and wood effortlessly, transporting them across your land to where you need them- but also with its oh so versatile 3 point hitch!


For a 3 point hitch is a universal attachment that allows many- in fact, an almost endless variety of implements to be attached to your tractor


Now, bear with me.  Even if you are not a rural dweller, this will make sense shortly:  let’s say you have a tractor, an expensive machine you have gotten to help you on your land, and to facilitate your life.  It’s a strong, versatile machine that can climb and move things, but without the 3 point hitch, you can’t do that much. 


BUT, with the 3 point on, you can attach a really lot of useful things: mowers, tillers, blades (for plowing snow, and moving dirt and other things), box blades (for grading drives), rakes and- well, the list of attachments is nearly endless. 


What does this have to do with your life, in particular your life as a Paleo Person, someone attuned to wellness and fitness from an ancestral perspective?  Well, a lot, it turns out!


The PALEO concept has matured, it has changed, it has grown as more science has come in.  (I mean real science, not the outdated Scientism of dogma, which is outdated science that has been rolled into modern life via fake medicine, which has largely become the “science” of the 1970’s or before.  Things like “low fat, high carb”, “the food pyramid” of endless grains, and the like.


And like I say, PALEO as a concept has also changed.  Originally, it meant eschewing grains and all nightshades like potatoes and tomatoes, eliminating dairy, and being sure to ‘lift heavy things’ to stay fit.  CrossFit was wonderful!  Lift heavy, run fast, and beat your body to pieces!!  Strain makes gains!!


Well.  From my current paleo perspective, a lot of this is nonsense- yet, I still consider myself, PaleoJay, to be still fully in the Paleo Camp!  How can this be??


Because it, like our genome, has evolved.  While it is still the case that we are the product of evolution, and that our bodies and minds need an ancestral diet and lifestyle to thrive, the ever-evolving science behind the knowledge that supports just what this means for us has changed and evolved as well!


Now, we know our microbiome is all important!  Those tiny gut microbes are so important for our health;  yet just a few years ago their crucial nature was unknown.  We need some carbs, probably, to keep them alive and thriving… (although perhaps this is premature)!  And potatoes and tomatoes seem to be fine for many people, as does- dairy!  In fact, for those of Northern European descent, it appears dairy is completely fine, and even a highly dense source of nutrition.


And CrossFit and other such extreme exercise notions (like spinning, extreme cardio, heavy weights, extreme stretching, and extreme gymnastics, powerlifting and Olympic lifting and bodybuilding) appear to be not paleo, ancestral,  and beneficial, are actually quite damaging. 


And this is why PALEO has a three-point hitch!  Paleo is a wonderful, strong tractor that drives us towards health.  Luckily, since it is also hitched to real science, it is easy to detach bad ‘implements’- like the Dairy is bad implement, and the damaging (and kind of nightmarish really) Crossfit implements, along with other mistakes!


The PALEO TRACTOR is a wonderful, versatile implement!  It is concerned only with Ancestral Health, and whatever implement you used to have hitched up behind you can be unhitched.  I have unhitched heavy weights, CrossFit, and all extreme quasi-sports workouts.  I now do Perfectly Paleo Exercise, which is natural, self-generated exercise, coupled with Heavy Hands walking and pushups on gymnastic rings, among other strategies. 


I have also taken to ‘safe starches’ as espoused by Paul Jaminet, like potatoes, both white and sweet, and nightshades are my friends.  I realize that walking in the forest daily, barefoot, is incredibly beneficial, and that SLEEP is actually more important than exercise! 


So remember- your Paleo Tractor has a 3 point hitch on it!  You are not required (as you would be in the Scientism of Standard Medical Practice) to adhere to outmoded ideas.  You are free, just as on your tractor at home, to unhitch anything that does work for you, or- more importantly- has been proven by the latest science to be counterproductive!


YOU are your own Paleo Tractor.  It is up to you to pay attention, and determine what is current in science and health, and to change your lifestyle accordingly.  You and you alone should determine this!


Trust me: your MD and health clinic- they have no idea.  The three-point is yours, and yours alone- just make sure you are riding down an ancestral path!












Neanderthals made us Smart!


Did you know that all of us of European decent are part- Neanderthal? 


Well, it’s true.  It turns out that the homo-sapiens Africanus emigrated from Africa approximately 70,000 years ago.  These very warlike people encountered the Neanderthals around 75,000 years ago, and interbred with them.  The Neanderthals, far from their modern stereotype of being primitive, warlike, and stupid, were actually quite peaceful, and had larger brains (and hence greater intelligence)! than our homo-sapiens ancestors. 


They mixed not only with homo-sapiens, but also with another extinct breed of humans, called the Denisovans, who were from the east.  The DNA of Neanderthals is mixed in with modern Europeans, and also with East Asians, who have not only Denisovan  blood, but also have more Neanderthal DNA than moderns of Europeans descent!


Bear with me: there is a point to my ancient wanderings. 


It appears that homo-sapiens, as they emerged from Africa so long ago, were incredibly warlike and violent- this is how they conquered the northern continent.  They were also more athletic and adept at running and spear throwing, since Neanderthals, although incredibly strong, were incapable of throwing objects overhead due to their skeletal structure, and were also unsuited to swift running because of their heavy, muscular builds. 


It seems that Neanderthals were large-brained thinkers, very suited to peaceful living in small tribes, hunting and worshipping the gods they knew.  Even the earliest cave paintings were done by Neanderthals, not the later invaders. This early people were incredibly sensitive and intelligent!


In my opinion, it is this Neanderthal admixture that has made us what we are today- intelligent, and yet compassionate and concerned with ethics and morals.  Not only did it give us light hair, eyes, and skin, which are indispensable in dealing with a far northern clime- our Neanderthal ancestors gave us larger brains, made us more peaceful and compassionate, and an ability to live in peace, based on intellect and a respect for morals.


This may appear to be a huge leap, but I stand by it.  Our overall IQ made a huge leap forward after we became interbred with Neanderthals.  This has been maintained to the present day, as IQ scores readily indicate: Asians are highest overall, followed by those of European descent.  African blacks with no Neanderthal DNA are the lowest overall.  This is the “bell curve”- meaning that while there are blacks who are just as intelligent, they are far more rare, since their base IQ level is around 70, while that of whites if 100, and Asians 106 or so. 


While this may be distressing to some, it is based upon established, evolutionary science, just as is the paleo diet and other things that modern people find hard to accept, such as modern grains being poor food for humans, and GMO foods similarly noxious.  We are products of our evolutionary past, and when that past is deviated from, we suffer. 


Never in ancient times did hunter gatherers live in tribes of ‘multicultural’ people.  NEVER!  The other races were inherently enemies; indeed, the tribe over the hill was probably an enemy.  We get along best with those most like us, and we always have, and always will.


The Neanderthals, peaceful as they seem to have been, were ultimately absorbed- but only after bequeathing their valuable DNA to the future generations of humans.  We Europeans and Asians are in essence their two hybrids, benefiting from what they gave us.  We are less violent by far, and much more intelligent than we would be otherwise. 


Taking in illegal immigrants, or actually any immigrants from countries substantially different from us will never work.  It never has, and nowadays the likelihood, given our complex modern western societies, the chances it will are even less. 


This immigration only serves to shore up endless votes for the political, leftist elites of western lands, and supplying them with very cheap labor along with endless welfare costs to punish the native born.   It also dumbs down future voters, who will continue to vote in totalitarian, welfare-giving governments well into the future.


Have no part of it!  Illegal immigrants from 3rd world places can only harm us in numerous ways, such as vastly increased crime, cultural dilution and digression, and BIGGER government.  Remember our ancestors, the Neanderthal- they too were overwhelmed and swamped by a tide of invaders.  They live on within us, but overall- they are gone.









Make Health a Habit!


The number one reason that people are not healthy is not because they don’t know what to do, or how to do it.  Sure, knowing how to properly exercise is crucial, and knowing what you should eat (and not eat!) to be healthy is as well- so, if you don’t know how to do either one, study up. 


Read on www.paleojay.com on both subjects, and get my ebook on Perfectly Paleo Exercise, complete with all the links you need to understand how to exercise naturally, ancestrally, and completely.  This won’t take all that long, and then you will know what to eat, and how to properly exercise.  Of course, you could study both subjects for the rest of your life and learn new things continually.  But, the basics are always the same!  Real food, not processed man-made crap, pastured meats and dairy, wild seafood.  Get rid of grains in your diet, and maximize your sleep to at least 8 hours per night.  Cultivate your “tribe” of friends, family, church members, work friends, neighbors.  Exercise daily, and experience nature as well on a daily basis.


But, now that you know what to do- what is the obstacle?  I’m sure you know it:  it is doing it, you have to follow through.  Walk the walk, not merely talk the talk!  This is what is really hard for folks to do.  Knowledge is indeed power- but only if you actually do what you know you should be doing! 


So, you need to make health a habit!  And so, for the next few weeks, I want you to prioritize your health habits.  Make sure to sleep 8 hours per night, and then to exercise the next morning.  Do this every single day for 21 days!  This is the minimum amount of time most people need to create a new habit. 


You will find if you get the sleep you need, and have the discipline to exercise each and every morning, eating a proper paleo diet will just seem natural, since you are so conscious of the health of your body during this time.  So really do it- sleep and wake with natural exercise in front of the TV waiting for you each morning, to help you to gradually awaken your body and mind, stretching and invigorating your entire body in a methodical, pleasant way. 


I guarantee that, at the end of three weeks, or 21 days, you will have become addicted to feeling great.  Or at least semi-addicted!  For it turns out that 21 days is the minimum time needed to create a habit in your life.  To create a rock-solid, hard core near positive addiction to health and exercise it takes 66 days!  At this point, you will have created a lifelong habit that will be a part of your very being, something that you will no longer be able to imagine living without.


For instance, I have had three days where I have been unable to exercise due to family commitments, and my sleep was cut short as well.  My diet stayed good, but not ideal for the same three days.  Was I tempted to stay “off training” after these days were over?


On the contrary, daily training is so much a part of my life, that the first thing I did this morning after waking was to go downstairs and train.  I did my default workout, which includes virtual resistance training, flexing while rebounding, stretching on the mat over my whole body, and isometrics.  I even do self resisted neck and face exercises, and massage my feet and otherwise work my grip strength and wrists.  And I’ll tell you, as I went through that workout it was as if I was slowly recovering my health, that vibrant feeling of wellness that is so much a part of me! 


I was instantly back in the habit of exercise and healthy living, despite me brief break.  And once you develop the true habit of health, you will be the same- a day without exercise is always possible to you, but if you have any real choice you will never choose it!  You know from long experience that health is addictive, in a completely positive sense.  You will hate to miss exercise, just as you will learn to be disgusted by bad food choices!


In fact, I plan to go downstairs after this, and do a brief 15 minutes of so of pushups and rows on the gymnastic rings while I listen to a podcast.  Not because I have to, or feel that I should- no, I’m looking forward to going down into that dusty, half concrete and half dirt floored basement to work out- because it feels so darn good!  It makes me feel alive and glowing with life again, just like it did this morning.  It blows away the cobwebs in my mind, and makes me feel like doing more productive things! 


Like I say- health is my habit.














Protect and Fix Your Joints on Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast


The older I get (and I turn 66 on Friday April 6, so I know what old is), the more I see protecting your joints as crucial.  Muscle can be built, even tendons and ligaments can be gradually strengthened, but the joints are in need of maintenance which they rarely get!  When we are young, we literally take our joints for granted, and beat them up exercising to build muscle, compete in sports, and otherwise propel our bodies around. 


This is all fine, but it points out the old adage that ‘youth is wasted on the young’.  If I was young again, I would do what I do now:  first thing upon rising in the morning, I put my ALL of my major joints through a brief warmup.  I do it right in the bathroom, so as not to disturb my wife.  (I am an early riser). 

I start with just stretching my arms upwards, as high as I can, one arm after another.  I rotate my head on my neck each way similarly.  Then, I put my hands on my hips, and rotate a few times in each direction for the hip joint.  4 to 5 reps, easily, just to get the synovial fluid going in the joints. 


Next I put my hands of my knees, and rotate them in each direction.  Then, I do the same for my elbow joints and wrist joints (I do them at the same time), elbow joints, shoulder and hips together, one quarter squats, and another easy twisting motion.  This whole thing takes maybe 2 or 3 minutes- I will post a video to show you how it’s done.  Easy to show, hard to describe.


The beauty of this is not only does it start your joints with an easy warmup, it also wakes you completely up from head to toe!  No more groggy mornings until you get your coffee. 


I used to lift heavy weights, and now realize that was a mistake- especially for the joints!  Lifting later at a really slow cadence (Superslow ala Ken Hutchins) was a huge improvement, but still too much, and unnecessary.  The weights were less, but still damaging to the joints. 


Now, and for well over a decade, I do bodyweight exercise along with isometrics and ‘virtual resistance’, which is putting the body through a self-resisted protocol of complete motion.  The resistance is self generated in this, and is the key to not only building and maintaining muscle, but also in rehabbing damaged joints from sports and weight lifting injuries.  It took me a little while, but now my joints are perfectly healthy, with all of my knee and shoulder joint injuries healed!  You can do this as well.


The other key thing I recommend doing daily is stretching, methodically.  It doesn’t have to be yoga, but gentle stretching is essential for your health!  You need to get on the floor, and I do it mid-way in my morning workout.  I don’t want to explain it in words, but again will include a video.  A picture is much easier to comprehend than a wordy description!


The final thing to remember is to not injure the joints!  Even in body weight exercise, you can do this- the pushup can be hard on the shoulder and elbow joints, also the wrists.  When I do my pushups, I usually either do them on the Perfect Pushup device (since it rotates, taking off the strain on the joints), or else on my gymnastic rings in the basement- the rings are the very best, joint-protective, and incredibly effective exercise tools around!  Cheap, very effective, infinitely scalable (you can make pushups really easy, or else really hard, or anywhere in between), and great for many other exercises, including pistol squats that do not hurt your knees one bit!


Then other thing to do is to clean up your diet!  Gluten especially will make you susceptible to autoimmune attacks, where your own body attacks your tissues and organs.  A common target is your joints, and you are then a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis!  If you tend in this direction, also eliminate all nightshades from your diet as well as gluten.  Often, just as in type two diabetes, this disease can be reversed, just by changing your diet. 


So there you have it:  save your joints, and move comfortably, strongly, and happily throughout your entire lifetime.  It just takes stretching, lubricating your joints each morning, and cleaning up your diet!  As a side benefit, you will also find yourself lean and feline, like a human cat, for the rest of your life.



Big Government is the Answer!


Here at PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe, I try to usually have kind of a large, world-view of things.  As opposed to my other podcast, Paleo Quick Tip of the Day, where the goal is mostly to convey a quick idea or strategy to improve health, fitness, and wellness overall. 


And that is how my latest focus here is on worldwide events, rather than on one-on-one ideas of paleo living.  For I have come more and more to believe that a Big Government, GLOBALIST elite view of the world, our nation, and and of the people that make up our world is the biggest single threat to both our health, and our very LIVES that exists today!


I think a sparsely populated, natural landscape is vital for the health and wellness of a people.  There needs to be ample room for wildlife to coexist with humanity in symbiosis, and to achieve this the natural habitat (woods, trees, clear streams and rivers) needs to be preserved, nurtured, and enhanced.  Also, too many people is a strong deterrent to having such an environment!


In the United States and Canada, along with Australia and western Europe, such a balance has been achieved and maintained for a long while.  Up until recently, when misguided, leftist, big government elitists  have begun their great experiment- where they take vast numbers of uneducated people, people of different races and with totally anti-freedom western world views- and begun importing them into countries that certainly don’t need them, and for the majority of those that live there, do not want them!


Thus “great experiment” is well underway, having put millions each year of people into countries that have no need of them.  This is big, left-wing, Marxist inspired politicians that are doing this, in Germany, England, France, Norway, Sweden, Canada and the USA.  It is insidious, and being done against the will of the majority of their own countries citizens- but then, this is how the left works.  Big Government decisions are made for political expediency, not the overall good.  The overall good is done on the local level, as was envisioned by the founding fathers of America- you know, those ‘dead white males’ that are now held up as evil monsters?  Because some of them owned slaves, back when every country on the face of the earth owned slaves??


And nowadays, to be considered a racist is to be considered worse than being a murderer!  Ridiculous- if I believe one breed of dog does better at something than another, am I a dog-racist?  No, just a realist.  But- get ready for it- some races of humans are better at certain things than others.  Common sense, really:  Why do blacks dominate the NBA, and many other sports?  Because they have evolved in ways that make them better at those types of things.


And why are Asians so good at things like engineering?  Because they have evolved in ways that make them better at those types of things.  We all have our forte’s, and we all excel at certain things.  Such is simply reality, not racism. 


And Western civilization is definitely a “white thing”.  Freedom, small government, self-direction and autonomy- it took us thousands of years to develop all of this, and it worked, and still works, very well indeed!  Too well, I think, for those Big Government types who want to micromanage us, and put us into crowded, awful situations where we need their help, or at least where we think we do.


We don’t.  Can you imagine a paleolithic tribe, inviting other, alien tribes; tribes from far away, with different customs and religions that we find abhorrent, like child marriage to old men, genital mutilation and subservience of women, cannibalism- well, the list goes on and on…  to invite them to live among us?  And not only that- to give them a living- money and food and many other things of our civilization- and then let them tell us how we don’t live according to their standards??


It’s absurd, but it is what is happening right now.


Imagine where you live.  I hope it is a small, dead end coulee with just a handful of residences, each with at least several acres.  Hills, streams, and with wildlife in abundance- this is the dream of the founding fathers, a small holding with minimal government interference, where a family can live free of crime, pollution, traffic and together in a common “tribe” of a shared culture.  Western civilization, a small version of the ancient Greek city state!


I am envisioning my own surroundings, my own valley in rural Wisconsin.  Now, imagine that, into this idyll, the BIG GOVERNMENT in Washington D.C. decides to import thousands of alien people.  People who don’t speak English, can’t read or write, and with a culture completely alien and repugnant to you and yours, and who instantly hate you, and try to regulate how you live?  Sounds horrid, right?


Well, that is what is going on right now- in Europe, Canada, and especially right now in South Africa!  South Africa is the worst area right now, since the white Boers, those who carved this piece of wonderful Western Civilization out of the wilderness in the 17th century, are now being killed.  Their farmland is being stolen, they are being killed and tortured, and their modern country is being turned into a hellhole.  But of course, it’s not ‘polite’ to mention it!


We all have our own ‘tribes’.  Those we have evolved to live amongst, over eons; those like ourselves.  And there has never been a successful, multi-racial nation.  South Africa was, but only while the whites ruled completely; once the blacks took over, the whole civilization collapsed.  This is truth; it is hard for many to accept, but that is like the paleo diet and lifestyle- most find it unacceptable, and fight to deny it, and how it can improve their health- because it runs counter to what they want to believe. 


Who doesn’t want to believe that we can eat whatever we want, and it makes no difference to our health?  That modern medicine will fix anything that is wrong with us, and we don’t need to change a thing? 


And that all people are the same, and Big Government, just like the benevolent entities of Big Medicine and Big Pharma and Big AG, can keep us well and happy- we don’t need to do a thing- they will take total care of us, perfectly and forever! 


We can just look out our windows, watching the busses roll in, while legions of foreigners can move into the huge, multi-rise apartment buildings erected by HUD, swamping our schools with multi-language teacher requirements, and displacing our wildlife and polluting our small streams.  Our property and other taxes will go through the roof to support them all.  Crime will explode, and if we try to protect ourselves we will be called “racists”.  Our guns will be taken away, luckily, but the invaders will have plenty of illegal firearms. 


Not to worry- Big Government will protect us!  They always do a great job.












Is a Green Smoothie Necessary for Health?


No- but it sure helps! 


The hierarchy in my mind to get, attain, and keep really good health is first to make sure your nutrition is good and wholesome, and this includes getting pure water.  This is the prime directive of animals the world over- get good nutrition! 


After that, surprisingly to most, is getting quality sleep.  Sleep is right up there with shelter- it does for your body and brain, spirit and outlook just what nutrition does- it enables you to stay alive, and to not only suffer along, barely making it day to day, but to thrive.  We are meant to thrive on this earth, and in a natural state we would, without the intrusions of governments and other rulers that control us and don’t allow us to run our own lives. 


So, since the food we take in is central to our health, we should strive for the most nutritious food we can find.  Nutrient dense foods, foods that are so packed with the many vitamins, high quality protein, good fats, and plentiful anti-oxidants we need to be super healthy.  And, right up there with super healthy foods such as pastured beef liver and wild caught sardines is a blender made smoothie!  The state of the art blender to use is the long-running Vitamix, but there are others that will get the job done as well.


The advantage of a blended smoothie such as this is that all the vegetable and fruit used is in it- all the fiber, and all the nutrients as well.  Cooking can destroy some nutrients, although it can also make others more bioavailable.  So you want raw veggies and berries, along with the cooked ones you also consume.  Both are valuable, and necessary!


How do you make such a smoothie?  Here is a link to a post on www.paleojay.com that I did some time ago:



Not much has changed, although I make minor changes to the ingredients, which I list at this link:



You can copy me exactly, or change up some of the ingredients to suit your own taste and goals.  But the basics of making a quality blended smoothie never change- some healthy liquids like full fat kefir, green tea, and coconut milk, green veggies, a raw pastured egg or two, citrus and berries, spices like turmeric and ginger, and vitamin D liquid.  It kind of depends on what you have on hand, and what agrees with you as an individual.


After you’ve fulfilled your nutritional needs in such a manner, you can add in some real foods you have prepared around your family table.  And that takes care of your last needs, those of family and community!  Your TRIBE.  Get together and enjoy spending quality time with friends and family, on a daily or near daily basis.  For that community is just as important for creatures such as us, long term, as is good food and water, sleep, and exercise.  We need it all, but it all starts with nutrition.  A blended smoothie is job #1!











Paleo Life is Rural LIfe podcast on Paleo Quick Tip of the Day


We in the ancestral community are all trying to make our lives as natural, as paleo-like as possible!  No grains, no sugar, ditch the processed fast foods and other bad, hyper-palatable, neolithic (and therefore, in my mind- decadent- foods)! 


But how are we to do this, with our families for God’s sake, as we are all stuck in Suburbia, or even worse- in big city urban nightmare areas? 


Short answer:  You Can’t!


I don’t mean to be a downer here, a complete pessimist.  But, realistically, if you live in a big city, and you have children, you have learned a few realities by now. 

1. Big City schools are awful, snake-pits of liberal disinformation and delusion

2. Crime is off the charts, with the bigger and more Democrat-run the city, the worse the corruption and deceit


I’m not being political here, although I do have strong political ideas.  This is just truth-telling.  Big cities are run by Democrats now in the USA, and they are ALL very corrupt. 


Most of you have already voted with your feet- you have taken a small step away, into the suburbs surrounding big cities.  This made sense, back in the 50’s and 60’s, when most jobs were within those big cities!  Just a short commute, by train was best, and you could go to your office, get lunch in that (back then) safe city, with beat cops patrolling on foot, and short-circuiting crime before it happened.  (How, you might ask?  Why common sense reality checking- profiling).


But, with the huge lie that is Political Correctness, this is NOT allowed anymore!  Police are not really even empowered to arrest criminals anymore, because, (and I quote)- we “can’t arrest our way out of this!”  This is parroted by every liberal big city official, because the demographics of their constituents have changed to the point where almost none of them actually work for a living anymore, being on the dole, or else they are illegals, criminals, or both.


The suburbs still thrive, but at a huge price!  To escape living in the corrupt, horrible, actually savage big cities, with awful, below even substandard schools, police, and every other government service- even though taxes have become confiscatory on productive people- people are willing to pay anything to live in areas that are crime free, almost totally safe, and with good schools free of rampant violence.  Anything!


And that ‘anything’ is a really, really LOT! 


Because everyone will literally pay anything for such properties, the price has gone through the roof.  Houses that were 40,000 in 1960, like the one I grew up in; why, just the lots are worth about a million dollars!  1/4 acre lots, nothing huge here. 


These suburbs are ‘livable’, I will grant that.  But, they were more livable, and far more realistic places to live back when I grew up there, in suburban Chicago.  And, you could have an ordinary job, like a teacher or a mailman, and do just fine.  It wasn’t much different, then, than small town, or rural America.


NO MORE, Paleo PERSON!  If only for air quality, water purity, and nature all around, moving to the rural midwest is a no-brainer!  BUT, when you thrown in safe, quality schools, pure well water, largely crime free small towns and cities, (at least, if you get rid of all the big city transplants- which they quickly usually do); why wouldn’t you move to a paleo friendly, rural community?


You can buy a few acres, care for them, cut firewood, have wonderful neighbors that will stay by you for a lifetime- (no one moves from such halcyon places, believe me), grow a big organic garden, have your own private woodland trails- doesn’t this sound pretty idyllic?  Clean air, pure well water, small schools without that suburban pressure to excel, excel, excel at all costs! 


Almost 40 years ago, I made that move.  To the upper rural midwest, even back then, when things weren’t that bad.  BEST move I ever made, by far!  And you know what?


It is an even better move to make today!  As I said before, nowadays it is a NO BRAINER!  A lower cost of living, better water and air, lower stress, no crime, and friendly, welcoming neighbors to make up your “tribe”.  A QUALITY tribe, for life!   


So, if you want to be “paleo”- get rid of grains, especially GMO, glyphosate loaded wheat.  Get rid of sugar, and processed foods, and make a smoothie to drink, loaded with greens and veggies on a daily basis.  Eat pastured meats, eggs, dairy if you can, and throw vegetable oils and fast foods into the trash. 


And, most importantly of all: Move yourself, and your family, into rural America!











Isometrics are the Perfect Exercise


Let’s say you are a very fit person, someone who has exercised pretty much your whole life, and definitely for the past 10 years or so.  You do resistance exercise, aerobic or cardio as well, and you stretch religiously.  I will say that you need isometrics!


And, on the other hand, let’s say you are a elderly person who has never exercised much, and definitely not in the past 10 years.  You really need isometrics!


How can each of these diametrically opposed situations have the same solution?  The answer is simple- isometrics will enhance your fitness, dramatically, in a very large way, no matter what your fitness level.


Very dramatic strength increases can be realized, very quickly, and with very little risk or danger, simply by doing a simple series of isometrics regularly!  No special equipment is needed, or even a change of clothing, and it can be done anywhere, anytime, in very little time. 


Isometrics have been shown to dramatically lower blood pressure, with no other changes in lifestyle.  Also, the strength increases also are beneficial for joints, strengthening the tendons and ligaments along with the muscles themselves.  Weight lifting pretty much bypasses the tendons and ligaments, concentrating on the bellies of the muscles first, which makes you more prone to injury.


Often, it is said that doing isometrics at a single angle only increases strength at that one angle.   Although technical true, if you simply do the same exercise at three angles- the start, the mid-point, and the near end-point of the motion, you effectively strengthen the entire strength curve!  I have found that a demanding, very effective isometric protocol takes about 10 minutes, total, to cover the whole body!


Here’s how you do it:  You will need a web cable, like a moving strap, at least 15 feet long.  About 2” wide is ideal; I use two moving straps I had that are each about 12 feet long.  I lay them on the floor, overlapping about a foot atop one another, and I step on the overlap, which locks them together.  Then, I grasp each strap, and run them overhead on each side, to where my hands are just above my shoulders, as if I am doing a military press with two dumbbells.  Then, I push upwards at about 80% or so of my power, for about 5 seconds.  Rest.  Repeat, for 6 seconds. Rest.  Repeat again for 7 seconds.  This is the protocol: 5,6, and then 7 seconds for each exercise in three positions. 


Next, I just lower my arms to my sides, still holding the straps, and do the same thing with curls: bottom, middle, and top extension, 5,6,7 seconds, at each position.  After that, I do bent over rows by bending over with the straps still held in each hand, and do all three positions from there, 5,6,7. 


Last, I do deadlifts, squatting down and at the bottom, push up with my thighs and back hard, 80% again, at the bottom position, the mid-point, and then near lock-out at the top.  I’m done!  I have covered my entire musculature, my shoulders, arms, back, and thighs completely, exhausting each muscle group in under 10 minutes!  I now do this pretty much daily, since it is so easy and time-efficient, and since I can do it in front of the television, easily, it doesn’t seem hard at all, or onerous.


Of course, I also exercise with virtual resistance exercise, rebounding, and calisthenics, it is no big deal to add in this last routine.  But, I will say that, if you only do this isometric routine, you will benefit hugely- especially if you don’t otherwise exercise!


The only downside that some might see is that this routine will not build much muscle bulk, or size. It will define and strengthen the muscles ideally, though, and the older I get I realize that is ideal- who really wants big, bulky, blocky muscles?  Think Bruce Lee’s physique, which while ideal, was not thick and bulky.  Bruce was a huge proponent of isometrics!  And how many women want thick, blocky physiques??


So do it- stand still and exercise!  Ideally, you will see and feel the benefits so strongly that you will be motivated to add in more, like pushups and straight-legged sit ups, and walking on a daily basis.  But, even if you just keep doing 10 minutes of exercise per day- you will reap huge, outsized benefits of health, fitness, and aesthetics, way beyond what you would with any other form of exercise, no matter how expensive, uncomfortable, and inconvenient.  Guaranteed.




Make Your Own Supplements


Really- make your own supplements! 


It’s not hard, and it will save not only your health, but money too.  The secret is to replace or at least add to one meal each day a glass of a smoothie that you make yourself.  I call mine the paleo green smoothie, and I have made it for quite a few years- changing up the ingredients from time to time, depending on what foods I have handy in my refrigerator and freezer. 


For, make no mistake: good, healthy foods are the very best “supplements” you can consume!  You simply take wonderful ancestral types of foods, and combine them in a high speed blender to make the healthiest beverage ever.  Let’s go over what I made today, to last me for at least 4 days:


I always start with a full fat kefir, since it is a great probiotic, and is liquid.  I never measure, just going by intuition.  About a cups worth or more to start.  Then, I add in Vitamin D liquid, ginger powder, turmeric powder, and often kelp powder.  I keep them in spice jars near my blender, so it just takes a moment to shake them all in.


Then, I carry my Vitamix canister around to my refrigerator, and add a couple of raw pastured eggs, apple cider vinegar- just a healthy splash (another great probiotic), some kelp sprouts I had in there I added today, and then I open the freezer.


I add in a healthy pour of California Mix, which is widely available in big frozen bags, and then some greens- today, I had some kelp that I had frozen before so it wouldn’t go bad when I had too much of the fresh stuff.  Then, I added in some frozen cantaloupe, and some mixed frozen berries, along with 1/2 of a banana my wife had left from her own breakfast.  Oh, I also threw in one beet- I discard the greens, since they are loaded with oxalates and are to be avoided.  I kind of ‘forage’ for stuff in my fridge, since I hate for good food to go to waste!


It wasn’t quite as liquid as I’d have liked, so I added in some green tea from my thermos, and blended it up.  I drank a healthy glass, while I poured the rest of the smoothie into clean canning jars that I keep just for that purpose, and stored it all in the fridge.


The whole process takes less than 10 minutes, and is quite enjoyable, since I listen to a podcast or music while I do it- and then- I have my supplements ready for the week.  Much better than pills or potions, and easily obtainable at the grocery store. 


The one thing you do need to have is a good quality, high speed blender- your old $20 cheapie is not going to cut it here.  Vitamix is best, but there are others that will work- I’ll leave it up to you to choose the right one for you and your budget.


Just remember one thing, though: a good blender will last you for at least 10 years- and that’s 10 years of excellent, health producing smoothies!  Pro-rated, it is really a minimal investment overall.  Cheers!

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